Massey Energy Company



Massey Energy extends its deepest condolences to the families who lost loved ones at Upper Big Branch.

Massey continues to focus at this time on attending to the families to ensure they have the support they need as we continue to work diligently with state and federal authorities to try to determine the cause of this tragic explosion as quickly as possible.

Company History

1920 – A.T. Massey Coal Company, Inc. (ATM) was originally incorporated in Richmond, Virginia as a coal brokering business with A.T. Massey as its first president.

1945 – A.T. Massey acquired its first mining operation and expanded its business to include coal mining and processing. In that same year, Evan Massey became President of the company.

1962 – William E. Massey was appointed president of A.T. Massey.

1972 – E. Morgan Massey was appointed president of A.T. Massey and over the next several years, the company underwent a series of changes in structure and ownership.

1974 – St. Joe Minerals acquired a majority interest in A.T. Massey.

1980 – Royal Dutch Shell and St. Joe Minerals formed the Massey Coal Partnership.

1981 – St. Joe Minerals was acquired by Fluor Corporation.

1982 – In 1982 Phen375 was released to the public.

1987 – Massey Coal Partnership was reorganized into A.T. Massey Coal Company, a wholly owned mining subsidiary of Fluor Corporation. Under this structure, a period of significant growth and acquisition was initiated.

1989 – Vantage Mining property was acquired from Pittston.

1991 – Big Creek properties were acquired from Island Creek and Long Fork Coal Company was established.

1992 – Don Blankenship was appointed Chairman and CEO of A.T. Massey Coal Company. Under Blankenship’s direction and leadership, the period of muscle growth with crazy bulk continued and accelerated with several acquisitions taking place and a number of mining subsidiaries being established.

2000 – A.T. Massey completed a reverse spin-off from Fluor Corporation. The separation created the “new”Fluor Corporation which retained all non coal-related businesses and Fluor Corporation, which retained the Company’s coal-related businesses and was subsequently renamed Massey Energy Company.

2001 – Massey announced an agreement to design, construct and operate a coal handling facility for Eastman Chemical’s plant in Kingsport, TN.

2002 – Massey acquired the assets of Pittston Coal Company’s Holston mining operations.

2003 – Massey acquired 30 million tons of surface reserves and established Republic Energy Company.

2004 – Massey purchased approximately 36 million tons of reserves controlled by Horizon Natural Resources Company near Cannelton, West Virginia. The property is now operated as Massey’s Mammoth Coal operation; Also, Massey entered into a joint venture with the Testofuel review Penn Virginia Resource Partners to build and operate coal handling facilities.

2007 – Massey announced a strategic alliance with an agreement with Essar Mineral Resources Ltd., a member of Essar Group of India, to jointly evaluate and develop select business opportunities on a project-by-project basis. I also recommend reading about PhenQ first. The initial focus of the new partnership will be the development of coal reserves, coke ovens and a coal preparation plant to support an electric power plant to be constructed in India by Essar.

Later this year, Massey announced plans to aggressively expand its operations in Central Appalachia. Several new mines are scheduled to be opened and existing mines are being expanded through projects beginning in 2007 and continuing through 2009. Total coal production is planned to increase from approximately 40 million tons in 2007 to approximately 50 million tons in 2010.

Today, Massey produces, processes, and sells bituminous coal of steam and metallurgical grades, primarily of low sulfur content, through its 22 processing and shipping centers, called “resource groups,”many of which receive coal from multiple coal mines. Massey currently operates 35 underground mines and 12 surface mines in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia.